What We Do Old


Utility Planning is a unique and non-traditional occupation. Servicing each utilities rule’s, construction standards, and way of life presents a unique challenge. Cornerstone’s Planning Department is full of industry experts and ambitions individuals that are ready to design your grid! In the world of planning we offer an al-le-cart approach to our dictionary sized menu. Just to list a few services we are industry leaders in:

  • Overhead Reconductor Planning
  • New Circuit Planning
  • Overhead to Underground Redesign (Rule 20)
  • New Business Planning (Rule 15 & 16)
  • Underground/Overhead Infrastructure Replacement Planning
  • Circuit Voltage Cutover Planning


Before drafting, planning, or construction can commence a vision must be cast. By partnering with a Cornerstone Engineer, you are giving your grid the opportunity to dive into the heart of electricity. Construction and planning are not enough in today’s hypersensitive world to power outages and interruptions. At Cornerstone the Engineering Department is designed to identify the root of your goals and hurdles. With this root we will build a long-term response plan and assist the planning department in their daily activity to meet short term goals. A few services we can offer you are:

  • Circuit Analysis
  • Duty Studies
  • Grounding Grid Design
  • Protection Engineering
  • Interconnection Compliance Review and Testing
  • N-1-1 Contingency Review


The world of Planning and Engineering is built on a shared platform. Without this platform, these two items are constrained to their most limited abilities. This item is a drafted plan to work from. Cornerstone’s Drafting Department specializes in drafting, survey, and look up. To provide an exceptional experience across our services, we work hard to build the foundation strong and efficient. By employing a team of highly skilled Land Surveyors, Civil Engineers, and Drafters we can achieve the highest level of drafting and design in the industry.