What’s Important

“If we can't do it with quality, we aren't going to do it at all, period...”
Chad Shaules - CEO – Cornerstone Development Company


Mike has a father-daughter dance next week. Megan’s mom is hosting dinner on Friday for her birthday. Danny is almost to the top of building a Lego dreamhouse with his grandson. Everyday we have people relying on us to be home at the 5 o-clock bell. Safety in and out of the workplace must be on our mind! At Cornerstone we drive our commitment to safety beyond the daily tailgate meeting. To truly engage our folks in the conversation we strive to remind our team what’s really at stake every day.

By being vested and engaged with our team, we have a front row seat to remind them of what matters most in their life. Something as simple as spinning around in the office chair too quickly may cause you to miss out on the big game this weekend. Something as critical as not setting up your traffic control appropriately may cause you to miss your son’s next birthday. Safety matters and we must engage in real conversations about why! A few things that demonstrates Cornerstone’s unique ability to stay in the industry are:

  • <1 EMR
  • >95% Safety Team Participation
  • No reported injuries since 8/2017


“Quality is not an act, it is a habit” – Aristotle

Across the enterprise of Cornerstone, the word quality is built into the foundation, framework, and finishes of who we are. From the top down quality is the utmost priority. By instilling quality as a habit in our team, we keep a competitive advantage over the industries’ most coveted companies. From the start of our projects, management and staff alike brainstorm on how to keep the quality high and the problems low. Ideas enter the pool of meaning for each project and we tackle them one by one. To build habits into our team, we teach critical thinking skills, self-motivation, and industry specific knowledge on a constant basis. Your project in the hands of an intelligent, caring, and knowledgeable team member keeps our deliverable at the highest levels of excellence.


The journey to our deliverable may be even more important than the quality of the deliverable itself with twists, turns, and unexpected drop offs, we MUST communicate! Communication and dialogue with Cornerstone will shape your entire perspective of the projects we work on together. Even the most desirable deliverable can be tainted by a rough ride. At Cornerstone we drive communication skills into every project at a molecular level.

By giving effective, concise, and appropriate communication we quickly separate ourselves from the competition. Project tracking, electronic reporting, and scheduled updates are all ways that we communicate our goals and progress to you.